Welcome to Sandpoint.

Sandpoint is a small coastal town in Varisia. Most people are employed in fishing, farming, shipbuilding, or the lumbermill. There is a lot of new construction in the northern half of the town, which doesn’t entirely cover up the signs of a terrible fire that burned a swath through the town some years back. But that’s in the past, and the people have moved on and rebuilt the town as a community, and now what they all seem to have agreed to refer to as the “Late Unpleasantness” is fading to memory.

And you’ve arrived just in time for the feather in the cap of their rebuilding. By far the largest job in the rebuild was the town’s largest building, it’s cathedral. For five years, the church has met in whatever buildings were available, but today marks the beginning of the Swallowtail Festival, and the official dedication and opening of the new church.

And the town’s population has swelled for the event. Everyone in town is in attendance of course, but people from out of town have caught wind of it as well. A few priests have arrived to participate and pay their respects, merchants setting up carts and tents full of souvenirs, crafts and food, performers singing and leading people in dances.

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