Charlotte Zinzi

A half-orc cleric, and experienced sailor


Domains: Luck, Travel

Charlotte has born in a half-orc slum in Magnimar, her propensity for divine magic was recognized early, and she was put into training in service to Gorum.

Wanderlust took hold early. A life around the city arena, worshipping the warrior god, however, began to chafe. The ship she had stowed away on had already left port before a search began in earnest. A ship’s mate caught her in the cargo hold. A young half-orc stowaway could have been thrown overboard with no trouble, of course. But the fellow gave her a chance, said he was short-handed. He put her to work cleaning, cooking, and quickly learned how to help with the rigging. Coming into port a week later, the mate gave her a few copper, and said if she took a notion to come back before they shoved off, they’d have a job for her.

There was nothing particular she wanted in this port, it was just a place that wasn’t Magnimar, so she returned by sunset, and was given a job.

She’s spent years at sea now, moving from port to port, and sailing the sea. She is an experienced sailor, who has served in the kitchen, as a common sailor, and as an officer on smaller trading ships. She sailed the big frigates, and little schooners and keelboats. Between jobs, she may stay ashore for a time, seeing what there is to see, doing some short-term labor for extra money, but before long the call of the sea, and her next destination, always overtakes her.

Her last commission ended in Magnimar, and she found herself with no stomach for the city. Having heard about the Swallowtail festival, she thought it sounded like a fine place to visit, and enjoy the festivities. Perhaps find some work among the shipwrights, or the farmers failing that, until she had found her next berth.


Charlotte Zinzi

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